Why Add a View Port to a Cool Room Door?

Cool room doors don't have to be solid. You can add a view port or window to the door so you can see inside. These products range from small, round porthole designs through to square or rectangular windows.

Why is a view port sometimes good to have?

You Get a Climate-Controlled View Inside

Every time you open and close your cool room door, you affects its operating environment. Cool rooms run more efficiently and cost-effectively when the door is shut and the internal temperature is stable.

While you do, of course, need to get into the room to bring things in and out, there are times when you have to go inside even though you don't need to pull out stock or put any in. For example, if you need to check some stock quickly, you'll have to go inside to do this if you have a solid door.

If you have a view port, you can see inside the space from the outside. You don't necessarily have to open the door. So you could do a quick stock-check on a certain item or give the contents of the room a quick once-over to check that everything is okay without having to physically go inside.

You Get Increased Safety

There are some possible safety issues with cool rooms. A view port can make your room and the way you use it more safety-efficient.

For example, say someone accidentally locks themselves in the cool room. If the door is solid, then nobody can see them stuck in there. You may not hear their shouts or knocks if the room is fully insulated. It might take you a while to work out they are there.

If you have a view port, it's a lot easier for someone locked inside to get the attention of someone in the area. You can see the person through the glass.

Plus, if you can see into the room and outside of it when you're using it, then access becomes safer. If the door is solid, then someone coming out of the room could open the door and hit someone who's about to come in. This could cause an accident.  If both people can see through a port, they can check that the coast is clear.

If you decide to put a view port in your door, you need to make sure that it won't compromise the integrity of the door or the room itself. Your cool room installation company can tell you more about ways to get a view port in without causing any problems with the way the room works.