Tips You Should Remember Before Storing Your Caravan or Boat

Owning a caravan or boat gives you and your loved ones an opportunity to create lots of unforgettable memories. But, there comes a time when you cannot use them, and if you don't have enough storage space in your home, you may need to hire a storage unit. Many companies offer different kinds of boat and caravan storage units, so it shouldn't be challenging to find an ideal one that meets your needs and budget.  

But before caravan or boat storage, there are some tips you should keep in mind to ensure your property stays in good condition until you are ready to use it. Some of them include:

Selecting a secure location

Caravans and boats don't come cheap, and if you are going to allow a third party to store them, you must ensure your possessions will be safe. Therefore, choose a storage company that offers a secure location for your boat or caravan. You can start by searching for an ideal company online or asking for recommendations from your friends and relatives. Be sure to get testimonials from previous customers and take time to visit the area as well. Have they installed quality security doors on each unit? Do they have a surveillance or alarm system and guards? The more secure the area is, the better. Also, the storage units should be located in an easily accessible area.

Cleaning your boat or caravan

Although there is a chance that your caravan or boat will be dirty after storage, it's essential to clean it earlier. Cleaning must be done on the outside and inside. You can wipe down the surfaces, vacuum the floors and wash the dirty areas. If you opt to wash the boat or caravan, be sure to dry it thoroughly before storage to inhibit the formation of mildew or mould. If you cannot do the cleaning, you may hire an expert to do the task on your behalf.

Once the boat or caravan is clean and dry, consider covering it with a heavy-duty cover. This way, you'll ensure your property doesn't accumulate dirt during storage or get exposed to the sunlight and other environmental elements.

Maintaining the operating system

There are some additional maintenance tips you shouldn't forget before storing your boat or caravan. First, you'll need to ensure that moisture doesn't build up in the gas tank and lines. Fill the gas tank and add a stabiliser to extend the fuel's life. The battery should be disconnected to extend its life. Also, change the fluids too before the boat or caravan is moved into storage.

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