How to Safeguard Your Items in Self-Storage Units

Self storage has become an effective means of preserving valuable and favourite possessions. Usually, people hire storage units for several reasons. Some need a place to keep their belongings during a move to make the transition more manageable. Others need to de-clutter their offices, homes or apartments. Regardless of the reason you have for renting a self-storage unit, it is crucial to ensure your items are safeguarded while in storage. After all, you want to make sure they are in good condition when you decide to use, sell or donate. Here are vital tips on how to keep your belongings safe.

Select a secured facility

The first step towards safeguarding your belongings is to select a storage facility that's well-secured. Begin by checking if the property is surrounded by a sturdy fence and gate. These two are the first and most significant layers of security, as they help keep unauthorised persons away. Another security feature you will find in an ideal facility is a CCTV system. This system is meant to record everything that happens in the facility in a video—this makes it easy to identify and apprehend intruders. Each unit should also have an alarm system that goes off once one tries to break into a unit. Some facilities will also employ security guards to monitor everything.

Create a record of the stored items

Even if you have a good memory, it's easy to lose track of the items you have kept in storage. Moreover, it's a hassle to keep remembering everything throughout the storage period. The best way to keep track of your belongings is to write down everything you place into the boxes and units. Some facilities do offer detailed inventory sheets to their clients to help make the work easier. As you create the list, be sure to note electronic equipment serial numbers, the items' value, model, colour and so on. All this will assist you to stay organised and avoid having issues with your insurer in case of any claim.

Ensure the environment is favourable

The storage unit's temperature also plays an essential role in protecting your belongings. As such, it's vital to ensure the unit's temperature is conducive. Start by verifying if the storage unit is well ventilated—that free flow of air will ensure your belongings don't get damaged. Too-high or -low temperature also ruins some items. So, if extreme temperature can damage your items, you'll need to choose a climate-controlled unit. Finally, don't stuff many items in the unit, as this will eliminate air pockets that allow free flow of air.