Ways Self-Storage Will Prove Invaluable During a House Remodel

While there is a multitude of home improvements that you can engage in, none offer as much of an impact as a home remodel. Whether you are constructing an extension, changing the layout or of your interiors or simply renovating your kitchen, this type of project adds value to your residence while simultaneously enhancing its functionality.

Nonetheless, like most things, there is a downside to remodelling projects and this is the clutter they create. But while debris and dust are commonplace with construction projects, not many homeowners think about what to do with their belongings until it is too late. To avoid any inconveniences, you may want to consider renting out a storage unit. Although commonly associated with relocations, here are a couple of the ways that self-storage will prove invaluable during a house remodel.

1. Self-storage will keep your items free from grime

Remodelling projects, and construction at large, are messy. No matter how meticulous your contractors are, you are bound to contend with dirt from shavings, concrete, sand and much more. Granted, most reputable contractors will engage in a thorough clean up once the project is concluded. But this does not mean that fine particles will not penetrate the fibres on your sofas, pillows, curtains, carpets and so on.

If you do not want to spend a considerable amount of time vacuuming or, in some scenarios, enlisting professional cleaning services, you should put all these items into self-storage. The great thing about these units is that you can lease them out for the short term, so you do not have to be away from your belongings for too long. Once the project is complete, you simply return your stuff, which will be clean and ready for use.

2. Self-storage will protect your items from theft

The second aspect of remodelling projects that you need to take into consideration is how they tend to involve a horde of workers. Certainly, you may be familiar with your contractors, as these professionals are in charge of the project. However, not many homeowners tend to know all the individuals that will be carrying out the manual work. Moreover, the more extensive your project, the more people are involved—and usually in shifts. Hence, you may know who was at your house yesterday but can you remember who was working on the project the week before?

This lack of familiarity does pose the threat of potentially losing valuables during the project as anyone could pickpocket something without your knowledge. Furthermore, if parts of your house have to be left open for some reason or another, there is the chance of outsiders taking advantage too. Rather than run this risk, you should opt to put your possessions into self-storage where they will be under tight security.