How to Safeguard Your Items in Self-Storage Units

Self storage has become an effective means of preserving valuable and favourite possessions. Usually, people hire storage units for several reasons. Some need a place to keep their belongings during a move to make the transition more manageable. Others need to de-clutter their offices, homes or apartments. Regardless of the reason you have for renting a self-storage unit, it is crucial to ensure your items are safeguarded while in storage. After all, you want to make sure they are in good condition when you decide to use, sell or donate. [Read More]

Helpful Hints For Choosing The Right Type Of Storage Unit

When it comes to storage solutions, using a storage unit is an ideal way to keep belongings safe and secure when they are away from your home or business address. However, with so many different types of storage unit solutions on offer, which is option is going to suit your needs? Here are a few helpful hints to narrow down which storage unit is going to work best for you. [Read More]

Why Use a Shipping Container For Temporary Business Storage?

Many companies run out of space in their stockroom or consider renting a warehouse in order to cope with all of their stock movements. However, a more cost-effective solution may be purchasing shipping containers as a stopgap measure instead. If you have never considered using shipping containers to keep your firm's stock in, then you should read on to find out about why they are such a good solution. Instant Storage [Read More]

Preparing a Rug for Storage

A good rug can withstand the pressure of any furniture placed on top and constant foot traffic. This durability means that it can just be casually tossed into a storage unit and will come out as good as new, right? Not quite. Although a good rug is designed to last, you'll need to properly pack it to make sure it stays in its original condition while it's in storage. Don't worry, because it's very simple. [Read More]