Preparing a Rug for Storage

A good rug can withstand the pressure of any furniture placed on top and constant foot traffic. This durability means that it can just be casually tossed into a storage unit and will come out as good as new, right? Not quite. Although a good rug is designed to last, you'll need to properly pack it to make sure it stays in its original condition while it's in storage. Don't worry, because it's very simple.

Clean it Well

The rug needs to be clean. Give it a thorough cleaning with your vacuum. If it's small enough, you might even want to take it outside for a good beating to dislodge any dirt lurking deep within its fibres. If needed, you can also use its impending storage as an opportunity for steam cleaning, but if you go with this latter option, the rug must be completely dry before it's packed for storage.

Roll It Up

Once it's clean and dry, you will need to roll the rug. Check the grain of the fibres and then roll in the same direction of this grain. It should be moderate to loose when you roll it up. If it's too tight, you run the risk of splitting its base. Once you're satisfied with your rolling efforts, secure the rug with twine to hold the roll in position.

Decide Between Paper or Plastic

The next step depends on how long the rug will be in storage. Placing the rug under plastic can be risky for long-term storage because if any moisture is trapped beneath the plastic, you might end up unwrapping a rug with the unwanted addition of mildew. It's not a good idea. Brown or plain paper is generally better—think of the paper that is used to wrap glassware and crockery. Do not use newspaper, as it's possible for the ink to rub off onto the rug. 

Prepare the Inside of the Unit

When the rug is ready to be stored, it should be stored on a flat, horizontal surface and slightly elevated from the storage unit's concrete ground. Just place a plastic drop sheet over the rug—the same kind used to protect furniture when you're painting a wall. This gives an added layer of protection against dust or anything else that might endanger your rug, but don't tuck the plastic drop sheep too tightly; once again, this is to prevent the accumulation of moisture.

No matter how strong a rug might be, it needs some TLC to make sure that it keeps that strength during storage. Contact storage ​services to learn more.