Why Use a Shipping Container For Temporary Business Storage?

Many companies run out of space in their stockroom or consider renting a warehouse in order to cope with all of their stock movements. However, a more cost-effective solution may be purchasing shipping containers as a stopgap measure instead. If you have never considered using shipping containers to keep your firm's stock in, then you should read on to find out about why they are such a good solution.

  • Instant Storage

To begin with, you do not need planning consent to add temporary storage at your business premises with the addition of a shipping container or two. By contrast, if you wanted to extend your business premises to construct a larger stock facility, then you would normally need to seek permission. However, you can unload a shipping container rapidly and simply put it at the edge of your car park or yard to start using it for storage straight away.

  • Versatility

Shipping containers come in many different sizes, but they all tend to have the same good level of height. This means that you can walk inside them with ease. As such, they are an extremely suitable temporary storage facility for all kinds of enterprise. Most containers are several metres in length, which means that you can store long items just as easily as stacking up crates or pallets inside them.

  • Durability

Remember that containers that are used for international freight are designed to be extremely robust. Therefore, you can shut the doors on them and lock them up safe in the knowledge that your contents will be held securely inside. What's more, they are designed to be put onto ocean-going vessels, so they will be able to put up with anything the local weather throws at them. So long as the door shuts properly, then you can also use them to protect your stock from any potential pest infestations. This is a big issue for many businesses which operate in rural areas close to farmland, for example.

  • Low Footprint

Finally, it is worth mentioning that one of the key aspects of all shipping containers is that they can be stacked on top of each other. Therefore, if you have limited space at your business premises, they make perfect sense. You can simply stack them up and provide you with plenty of storage even if you have limited space. Even better, you can stack them onto the back of a truck and relocate them with ease.