Easy Ways to Combat Moisture Inside a Self Storage Unit

Your possessions can have an enemy when they go into a self storage unit, and that enemy is moisture. The items should be entirely dry before they're placed inside the unit, and if storage is going to be a long-term proposition for you, or if the items happen to be delicate, you're better off springing for a climate-controlled unit where the humidity inside the space is regulated. But what about when you only need to store something for a few weeks or so? [Read More]

Top Tips When Choosing a Self-Storage Unit

Do you need extra storage space? Perhaps you need to store some furniture you no longer use, electronics or your boat during winter. The extract below discusses the various considerations you should make when choosing a self-storage unit.  Location Choose a unit located close to your current residence. This ensures you have an easy time transporting items to and from the storage unit. When relocating, most removal companies will offer to drop some of your things at a storage facility of your choice. [Read More]

Tips You Should Remember Before Storing Your Caravan or Boat

Owning a caravan or boat gives you and your loved ones an opportunity to create lots of unforgettable memories. But, there comes a time when you cannot use them, and if you don't have enough storage space in your home, you may need to hire a storage unit. Many companies offer different kinds of boat and caravan storage units, so it shouldn't be challenging to find an ideal one that meets your needs and budget. [Read More]

Top Tips When Evaluating a 3PL's Warehouse Function

Third-party logistics companies (3PL) outsource warehousing services to companies that do not have warehouse facilities. The article below discusses how you can evaluate a 3PL's warehousing services.  Location and Network The 3PL's warehouses should be strategically located along your distribution routes. It ensures customers have an easy time accessing your products. How secure is the facility? A perimeter wall, CCTV system and armed security guards will ensure your products are safe in the warehouse. [Read More]